Wall type air conditioners suitable for smaller server rooms

Wall type air conditioners are the first choice for smaller type server rooms. These systems are extremely reliable and come in a range of sizes suitable for cooling loads up to 10kw. Another reason for their popularity is the cheaper cost relative to other types of air conditioning systems.

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Wall Air Conditioning

Typically all air conditioner units range from 2.5kw right up to 10kw systems. They are ideally suited for smaller businesses, with smaller sized server rooms. The picture shows a common system used the Mitsubishi SRK50ZJS wall air conditioner unit.

All the major manufacturers have ranges of wall mounted air conditioners, in reality as long as you choose one of the reputable makes such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic with its Etherea range or Fujitsu there is very little to choose between any of them.

Often companies will have as a emergency stand by a smaller portable air conditioner unit that can be used either in very warm weather for supplementary cooling or and emergency back up should the main system fail.

This is the SRK50ZJS wall air conditioner