Ceiling mounted cassette air conditioning offers higher cooling outputs compared to wall systems

Space is one often one of the most critical factors combined with the output available in choosing the right cooling system. Cassette air conditioners are generally fitted into a false ceiling with only the fascia where the cool air is directed from visible from below in the room itself. With this discrete type of system no floor space is lost that otherwise can be utilised for server racks. server racks or associated

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Cassette Air Conditioning

Remember to consult with you air conditioning installer on the most suitable cassette system to fit. Generally the body of the cassette indoor unit is fitted into a false ceiling so you need to make sure there is enough depth in the ceiling void for the indoor unit.

Cassette style air conditioning systems are available in a range of cooling output sizes right up to 14Kw typically with all manufacturers offering similar type systems.

An important consideration is how far the physical distance that the indoor unit is going to be located from the outdoor unit. Larger output systems offers greater flexibility with distances generally of up to 80 meters from the indoor to outdoor unit location.

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