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4th January 2013 - Ok a happy new year to all our followers, you might be not that sad as to want to read our blog, but then again you might be. I did think to myself that I have become a sad person, when in the bar at a Dublin hotel for new year I was drawn to the ceiling with my eyes. As I looked up to see what model of Mitsubishi air conditioning cassette was fitted. Quickly looking down again I told myself off and ordered another pint of Guinness which seemed to cure me from being that sad person. Anyway once again a happy you to all and may all your air conditioning faults be little ones.

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28th December 2016 - We often get asked what would be the best heating option for an open style of room used in community centres. Often these types of rooms require just background heating to take the chill of the air. We would recommend something like the FF13 commercial heater which can be used on variable heat settings to heat this type of application.

07th December 2015 - Broughton are the UK manufacturer of industrial heaters based in the west midlands. They have been producing their range of heaters for the past 30 years and are one of the few British manufacturers of these types of heaters. The Broughton heaters range are very well made hence the fact they come with a 2 year guarantee whereas most other makes come with just a 1 year warranty. The range of Broughton heaters includes the FF23 fan heater which is their most popular model. This robust heater allows large industrial spaces to be heated quickly and effectively.

26th November 2015 - With the weather becoming colder what is the best way to keep your working area warm? There are many heating options available depending on what type of working area that you have. For small workshops and garden offices the Broughton FF3 fan heater is an excellent option. This UK manufactured heater is built to a high specification and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

17th November 2015 - Most air conditioning units can provide both heating and cooling with most residential and commercial customers in the UK using them mainly for heating compared to using other forms of heating such as electric heating only. However when they are used in server rooms because of heat generated they are predominantly used in cooling only mode. Customers often ask how to work out the cooling output required so they can select the most appropriate air conditioning and heating system to use for the server room. As a rule of thumb the easiest way to work out the output required is to add up all the heat output of the servers in the room and add 20% to the figure. This will then give a suitable sized system with spare capacity available if required.

10 September 2013 - Well we have seen a definite movement in the size of rooms that house server units and its to the smaller size. You often find with small companies that they only have a few servers, these rooms are literally the size of broom cupboards. This then presents itself with a problem in so much as there is nowhere for the heat to go, which will quickly trip the server out with an over temperature alarm , hence the need for air conditioning becomes critical. Just remember though you will need somewhere to fit the air conditioning unit so make sure your room is not to small.