Air Conditioning Units - That are suitable for server cooling

Often with server room layouts high heat outputs are generated in relatively small rooms so it is very important that the right types of air conditioner are selected for the purpose. We recommend firstly to work out the cooling requirements of the room, then select the correctly sized unit. It is important that the system has enough cooling capacity for the heat load generated.

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The easiest way to work out the cooling load required to a server room is to consult the rating plate on the back of each server module, a typical rating would be 2 Kw for instance. Once you have added them all up multiply by .75 this will then give you the correct diversity factor for the cooling power required to match the heating load generated.

Is it often better to select a larger cooling output than your present cooling requirements. In doing this you build in spare capacity should you decide in the future to add additional communication equipment to the server room and hence increasing the cooling output required. Makes such as the Mitsubishi air conditioning unit shown are very often fitted.

Mitsubishi offer a wide range of units suitable for server room cooling